Learning the hard way about defoliation

On defoliating a maple wrongly i discovered the adverse affects it can have on a tree. I thought I could remove all the leaves of the tree whilst in the start of summer, not realizing their was a proper way to carry out this procedure, and that there were guidelines to follow. This is something I am becoming aware of pretty quick in Bonsai, that there is a specific procedures for specific trees at specific times.

I was not aware that the tree needs to be in full health before this procedure can be done. Also when defoliating trimming the petioles was the right way to go. Not trimming branches as i did with most of the tree (this was a big mistake as I didn’t do the relevant research as to what was the right procedure to carry out) Something I would most definitely be doing from now on.

Now even as disastrous as this may sound, I have three new buds emerging. Also The branches that suffered die back had very long internodes and was something i wanted to address anyway. So in the end i am hoping this Acer can come on over the next two months and regain vigor and strength for next year.

Heres a look at one of the new buds on the Acer


The Lesson here for me was not to carry out something i had yet to research. Even though this is a learning tree and a learning curve, it is a good lesson to learn early on in my journey.

Hope this may help other beginners with a simple lesson. Read, research and read again to gain knowledge before carrying out any procedure.  

My new Little Bench

Ok so since i moved house , i had been struggling as to know where to put my little trees. Eventually a bench was made out of an old shed and old decking boards (thanks dad). Its just a nice size for what i have at the moment. Hopefully soon when i run out of space 🙂 i will be making a bench two tier around both walls. Will keep ye updated.

Anyway here is how its looking all on its on.


A close up of the top which were the old deck boards


And with my newly rescued sageretia from Aldi


Full House


Maple Defoliation

Just realised how to reblog something properly. Anyhow, thought this was really interesting as i recently defoliated one of my potential projects, but got a lot of dieback, I didnt research into how to do this properly before hand, big mistake on my behalf. But i recently have discovered three new buds which i will add to the projects page soon. Good job lads.

Bonsai Eejit

Stephen came down to my place on Saturday to get his Maple sorted. The canopy was extremely full and the inner branches would start to suffer unless we did a partial defoliation. This was it before we started.



As you can see we had a few other with us making the most of the day.


Look at the mess he made of my carpet.


Is that them all?



The after shot. Light now penetrates the canopy and will help maintain vigour on those inner branches.


This video shows this tree back in February being repotted.

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