How Big is Bonsai Worldwide?

Found this article very interesting on Bonsai Empire today. I often wonder how big is bonsai in Ireland? How many people do bonsai in my locality that i know nothing about. It is something that intrigues me as i often question why is bonsai so big in one part of the country and not in an other. Or are their just a lot of people that do bonsai and are quite happy doing it alone and learning as they go along. Something very interesting. You can check your country on the link and compare how you feel, regarding how big bonsai is in your home place.

Heres the link.


More on differences among Itoigawa, Kishu, and Shimpaku junipers

Interesting read

Nebari Bonsai

This is one topic that really intrigues me. Shimpaku has become a favorite bonsai subject, and as I work more with the different varieties, I’ll continue to share the subtle differences.

From macro to micro, here is a little more about each of these three varieties.

My Itoigawa, from Evergreen Gardenworks, and the source of all the Itoigawa material shown.


This is a shimpaku, also from Evergreen Gardenworks, similar in size to the Itoigawa at about 16″.


Finally, the Kishu, which is young, in the ground (left) and growing on. These came from Miniature Plant Kingdom.


Here are some photos of shoots of each variety. For consistency and clarity throughout this post, each shoot will appear in alphabetical order, from left to right…Itoigawa, Kishu, Shimpaku.





These all display mature foliage. Itoigawa is much lighter, brighter green in color. The texture is very fine, and the structure is open, and fanlike…

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Fujikawa Kouka-en 2013 DVD

So Bjorvala Bonsai Studio have come up with another cool idea outside of the Bonsai Art of Japan Series. This looks to be a good idea and a good DVD. You can check out the website for ordering details. Looks well worth the 3000 Yen.

Masahiko Kimura : White Syrup, Green Clouds

New Growth

So over the past two or three weeks i have noticed my little trees push out a lot of new foliage. I dont know is this due to the crazy weather we are having along with all the watering but has really increased compared to a few weeks ago.

This Cypress has pushed out very dense foliage pads over the past two weeks alone. And I though this cypress was dying only a few months ago. This has really surprised me and come on leaps and bounds. What do do with it now is the next question, i was thinking of literati as the foliage is all based at the top of the tree.

Here is what it looked like last year.



And here is what it looks like at the moment.



A bit naked down low but all the other branches where long and had no inner buds. And with these trees gaining a miracle from the Vatican if they bud back i decided to remove them.

A look at the foliage up close.





With a bit of wire and bending the trunk a bit may make this bushy cypress not a bad literati.

Also pushing lovely new growth…..



My little Himalayan Ceder with little back buds.




And my Sageretia Theezan which was resued from Aldi. Pushing nice healthy growth.



And the Juniper which was heavily pruned this summer. What to do with this is another question as i am decideding to let it grow this season and recover from the heavy trimming.





And to finish off, my little Hinoki. This was also pinched at the start of the summer to allow light to penetrate the inner branches to maintain vigor. After a bit of advice i think i will also leave this one grow for the rest of the season untouched.




Sunset at Ballycotton, County Cork

Just a few pictures i never got a chance to upload since the evening of taking photos of my wife and her bump. Sunset at Ballycotton, County Cork.

Hope ye like them.






The Art of Kusamono

I also have been wondering whats this is all about, good read.

Melanie's dream's

Ever since I started out with Bonsai I wondered what those grasses and weeds were doing near the bonsai? In fact for a neophyte it’s not immediately clear and if you don’t ask, nobody will give you an answer. To find out you could take a workshop or a private course or a University course as I am doing.
Why should a small little pot with some green inside be a companion to the tree? This companion plant is not really a Kusamono but it’s called Shitakusa (“shita” meaning under, below and “kusa” meaning grass, weed) and it evokes the season in which the tree is exposed. A flowery Shitakusa evokes spring, an airy grass evokes the summer, and a rusty, brown grass evokes the fall, just as grass with fruits will. I am still very new to the Bonsai world but this can be a big help when you…

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Bonsai Ireland Munster Club

Just an update on whats happening with the new club for Munster. We have the date set for Friday the 20th of September. The meetings will take place in Cork as that is the area with the most people interested so far. This could alternate in the future. The venue is still to be confirmed, but will be confirmed in the next two weeks. I have a list of people interested so far and myself and Piotr will be in contact over the next two weeks. If you are interested and would like to join or have a friend or family member which you think would be interested don’t hesitate to contact us. Below is a flyer which Piotr made while on holidays, dedication or what 🙂 These will be seen around Cork and surrounding areas. Anyway all the details are below to get in contact or you can contact me also through this blog or email at . About time we will have a community of entusiasts to meet, share ideas and knowledge, do workshops and just have a craic.


Great Lecture on Pines from Ryan Neil

On recently acquiring my first pine, i decided to do a bit of research into pines. I found Bonsai Eejit’s video very interesting and Ryan is very informative and clear on his lecture about pines. Especially white, red and Black Pines. Thought this would be a good video to share for others also interested in Pines.

First Video

Second Video

My wife and her Bump

Over the last few weeks i have been taking more and more photos. I am trying to gain enough knowledge and experience as it will help in future with bloging about bonsai and getting the best quality photos for ye. Since i have been getting more into the photography i decided to take some photos of my wife and her bump at the beach and some other locations. Thought it would be nice to have a keepsake of the pregnancy. Especially as there is only 11 weeks left.

Hope ye enjoy.