My wife and her Bump

Over the last few weeks i have been taking more and more photos. I am trying to gain enough knowledge and experience as it will help in future with bloging about bonsai and getting the best quality photos for ye. Since i have been getting more into the photography i decided to take some photos of my wife and her bump at the beach and some other locations. Thought it would be nice to have a keepsake of the pregnancy. Especially as there is only 11 weeks left.

Hope ye enjoy.










6 thoughts on “My wife and her Bump

      • Having children definitely changes things. I have 3 myself. All girls 😳. Lol. But the change is worth it. Once they start walking everything gets grabbed, pushed, pulled, squeezed and so on so raising the trees up isn’t a bad idea. Lol. πŸ˜„


      • I say you have you hands full with a house full of women. But i say its brilliant and im really looking forward to it. Definetly raising benches and making them nice and high πŸ™‚


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