Bonsai Journey Japan Seeking Light

I never uploaded the first Part of this episode. And having watched the earlier Bonsai Journey Japan episodes, I would only but have to watch this addition also. If you haven’t watched Andrew Sellman’s earlier videos you can watch them on his channel. I will include the two new additions below, Seeking Light. Well worth a watch.

Bonsai Journey Japan Seeking Light, Part 1

Bonsai Journey Japan Seeking Light, Part 2

The Trident Maple

Great Read.

Peter Tea Bonsai


As I was preparing for my apprenticeship in Japan, there was some big decisions to be made.  I had about 15 or so Bonsai trees and nowhere to keep them during my absence.  I had to make the tough decision to sell most of them and ended up keeping only 4 trees.  Boon Manakitivipart was kind enough to keep those four trees for me while I was away.  As I worked at Aichien, I’ve often though about the trees I’ve kept, reminiscing how great it’s going to be when I can get back and work on them again.  Months past and soon years and the memories of the trees faded deeper in the back of my mind.

Having come back home only two months ago (so much has happened since!), I see the trees right in front of me and  it’s time to continue where I left off.  In this…

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Ladybirds Chillin

I have not seen a Coccinellidae or ladybird as they are more commonly known for a long time. I was just about to water the trees and there they were. Four ladybirds chillin on my Ceder and Mugo Pine. I must admit its a happy sight.

Bye bye green fly.






Photo of the Day

Here’s a photo of my God Daughter Simone Bennett on the beach last year. Looking up to the heavens.

Simone on the Beach,