New Yamadori

Well had a surprise visit from Piotr (twinsratbonsai) today and he came bearing gifts. We were just discussing the final few details for the club meeting on friday and he kindly brought some material he had dug up earlier. 





I didnt have any pots but had to make do with one i cut and taped cracks together for the mean time.





After trying to keep as much as the original soil on the roots i added some gravel and some trusty kitty litter. 





Check out my classy tape 🙂

Anyway thanks to piotr for the yamadori, And roll on our club meeting Friday night. Shaping up to be a great night. 

4 thoughts on “New Yamadori

  1. Adam as I said keep it shelter and give some winter protection if it will frosty. As I said it is experiment to confirm that Pines can be collected in late summer as well as in early spring. Do nothing with it for next 5-6 weeks just watering. then you can put some balanced fertilizer or hold on with feeding until spring when you will see new buds opening.


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