Growing better shohin roots and trunk

Thought this was very interesting.

Shohin Bonsai Europe - Morten Albek

The technique shown in the pictures here and below, is usable for younger trees started as seedlings or cuttings. To develop a good nebari (surface roots) and trunk thickening at deciduous trees like Japanese maples or as shown here, European Beech (Facus sylvatica), a simple technique can be used.

The trick is to let the roots grow over an item, stopping them from growing directly downwards. this will enhance the root spread and lower trunk thickening. In this example a young piece of European Beech is used. A plastic screw cap from a bottle is used. It is fixed underneed the  trunk, forcing roots to spread equally outwards. The growth outwards will enhance the root growth and trunk thickening at once, if correct pruning of the tree is done at the same time. This is dome by pruning back the trunk when in good growth, allowing a low…

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