Autumn in Korankei

Another amazing video which showcases the immense beauty Japan has to offer. The intense colours which these maples show is quite phenomenal. I believe Autumn may be the time to visit if you were going to Japan. Enjoy

Autumn in Mt. Takao

Subscribed to this Channel on Youtube tonight, and I must say some of the videos are breath taking. Japan is definetly on my must visit bucket list. As if it wasn’t already 🙂 It is definitely one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Just looking at all those Maples glowing is like watching Avatar only with orange and reds instead of blues. The colours are truly amazing. I hope to upload some more of these videos over the coming days. Enjoy

Oprah On Bonsai

Just came across this video of Oprah speaking about Bonsai In relation to peoples lives. Never saw it before and thought it was well worth a share. Enjoy

Bad Weather for Bonsai

I had heard we were getting a bit of bad weather this evening but nothing to this extent. Over the past few hours pictures have emerged of the damage due to stormy conditions. I came home to find all my trees exactly where I left them. Not one turned over or fallen 🙂

So if you live in Ireland and have bonsai, make sure there secure and safe. And if you don’t just be careful. Here are some images today from Cork. Thankfully no one has been seriously injured.




Some Great Videos by Viet Luan Tran

A few weeks ago, i saw one of these videos posted on a friends Blog. I didn’t watch it straight away, but came across it again last night, I must say Its quite a clever idea the way the videos are done. Quite amazing to be honest.

In one of the videos they apply lime sulphur to the deadwood, and as the video progresses you see the deadwood whiten. I thought i was quite rare to see how much work and alterations were made to the smallest of branches over and over again to provide great results. Even though many people may have seen these videos, i thought it would be well worth the share for the people that haven’t seen them.

Small Man Blinded



Noah trying to catch a glimpse of the sun through the blinds.

Bonsai Journey Japan. Seeking Light Part 3

Another great Video from Andrew Sellman, It must be a great experience to visit all these places and see such amazing trees.

Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 39

A bit behind, but catching up again. Great video as always

Munster Workshop Travels

Roll on January 🙂

Bonsai Eejit

Myself and Phil are on our travels in January all being well. We are popping down to Cork, Munster, to run a demo and workshop with the newly formed Munster Bonsai Club, part of the bonsai Ireland group. I’m really looking forward to it.

If you are viewing from Ireland, please give Piotr a shout and get booked in, even just for the Friday night perhaps. It’s so important that we all support him and Adam with the new club. Everyone has been crying out for one for years, now it’s here it needs to grow and your support is vital. If this workshop is a success then other will be planned for later in 2014.

Munster Club Workshop poster

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