New Video from Kaizen Bonsai

This is a new video from Graham Potter from Kaizen Bonsai, Advanced Bonsai Styling. Enjoy

A final stroll through BIB’s 15th annual exhibit

Study at New Bonsai Academy in Japan

I just came across an article wrote by Japan News about the Saitama city government who wish to open a school to teach bonsai for Japanese and foreigners. The world bonsai convention will be held in Saitama in 2017. Bonsai Masters from The Omiya Bonsai Village will be holding lectures and schools on bonsai over courses ranging from 1 week to 3 months in the academy.

This sounds amazing and would be great for people wishing to further their knowledge on bonsai without having to admit themselves to a full on bonsai apprenticeship.Getting to Japan at some stage would be good enough for me, but this would be the icing on the cake.

Here’s the link for further reading. Bonsai Academy

Pinus Mugo Progression

So Yesterday i bought this Dwarf Pinus Mugo from a local nursery. I had my eye on this nursery for a while as they usually have good stock. There was a lovely Scots Pine there but a bit on the expensive side, so decided to pick up this mountain pine as it was nice and cheap.

I know Pinus Mugo have a bit of a bad reputation as bonsai but I have read they are quite easy to train and style. That said i also have heard that certain cultivars are touchy and can react badly to training. So all that in mind i still think its worth a go. Here are a few pics i took today in the Irish sunshine, something which is quite rare.


Used this bottle as an indicator to the true size of this Pine.


A few different angles004

Another angle003

And another


One in the sun033

Trunk with moss024

A few different views for possible styling028

Decisions decisions ;)

So at the Munster Bonsai Club workshop January 2014 I got a chance to get started with styling with this tree, just ran out of time to finish the wiring but thanks to Ian I got a good head start.

Heres a before shot


And heres the after shot


A Theory of Style

A good article

Bonsai Prelude

So far we discussed a great deal on how to start your trees and your techniques in the right direction. When I was thinking about the path my writing would take, guiding you from complete novice to at the very least “familiar” with bonsai, the next logical step in the progression would be wiring. However, I will not be discussing wiring yet. The first reason is that wiring is one of those hands on things that I really want to do my best to take detailed pictures of and so I think it best to wait until spring time to post on. Second, Wiring is really the last procedure in the process of  the initial styling of your bonsai. I wanted to make it absolutely evident that you have to learn the mechanics of bonsai before you begin to think about the creative aspects. After all, you can’t expect to…

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Trees for Sale

Hinoki Cypress Progression


This is my Chamaecyparis Obtusa Nana Gracilis. I acquired it just over a 2 years now in 2012 from a small garden center in the middle of no where, it was just sitting in the corner minding its own business until i came along. The garden center owner was more than happy to sell it cheap, I think I paid 6 or 8 euro in the end for it.

I have not attempted to style it in anyway, only keep it alive and healthy. When I first got it I reduced the size of the pot it came in by cutting the top down and removing a small amount of top soil. On doing so I revealed the second trunk and a nice enough small natural shari. I reduced it further this year to get to the base of the trunk.

I just pinched the new growth to allow sunlight to penetrate to the inner branches, as I have heard a Hinoki will never back bud on old wood. I was hoping to maybe begin to style it this summer and repot it next summer as I don’t know how long it has over stayed its visit in the pot it is in. Anyway here is some photos I have been meaning to up load a while since starting the Blog.

I really like this shot from underneath


Some growth I am trying to protect and encourage


From above


Just need to decide now where to start with styling. Plenty of thought and research before hand ;)

At the Munster Bonsai Club workshop, i had the oppurtunity for Ian and Phil from NIBS to have a look at this and see what they thought.


After some discussion it was decided to remove the lower branch and begin to wire it.



It was decided the whole tree needed to be wired in the end, with help from Ian it finally got done, Here me grooming my balded tree 🙂


The before image


The after image, Finally 🙂


So that’s where the tree stand at the moment, Just need to keep it going strong now.

Trees Go Up For Sale On Facebook

Japanese Bonsai Pots Blog

A close friend of mine recently found out that he has pancreatitis. It’s severe, and he needs some pretty expensive procedures. He has no other way to come up with his deductible other than selling off some of his best trees.
So, these 6 trees will go up for sale on Mark Goodman’s Bonsai Classifieds tomorrow, with pretty reasonable reserves for old imports.
If they don’t sell there, they’ll go up on EBay next Monday. Happy bidding!

Akamatsu(Japanese Red Pine)

Kaede(Trident Maple)

Kuromatsu(Japanese Black Pine)


Goyomatsu(Japanese White Pine)

Momiji(Acer Palmatum)

Good Luck!

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MBC New Website

Up and Running, Dont forget to give us a follow

Bonsai Eejit

The Munster Bonsai Club have just launched their new Website/Blog.

Give them a little boost and give them a follow.

Click on the image to visit.


Also check out their social media links.



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The Noelanders Trophy, the first three days.