Little Juniper Silhouette

The first time in I don’t know how long the sun actually came out to say hello. Not a bad sight I may add. This little juniper made a nice silhouette in the kitchen window.


Kutani Ikkou part 2(or, The Best Co-op Ever!)

Beautiful pots

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Okay, so maybe “The Best Co-op Ever!” is a bit of hyperbole. But, when I saw this two pot set from two of my favorite artists, I almost fainted dead away.



The two pot set, and the signature and stamp on the bottom of each. The painted signature is, of course, Kutani Ikko. The stamp? Bushuan, Shigeru Fukuda.

From the four sides.

Some detail shots. The shading and brushwork is incredible.

The 5 color, from four sides.

Like most Kutani Ikko, the detail is really first rate. A more typical subject matter for Kutani Yaki on this piece.

I make no secret here that Bushuan is one of my favorite potters, so to see a collaboration with one of my favorite contemporary painters is something special! While I have you, let’s look at
Some More Kutani Ikko
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