This Weekend Part 1 Noelander Trophy

This is something I would love to go to in the future, its a shame I won’t be able to enjoy the photos but to a degree it makes sense as to why they are banned, Look forward to hearing more about it but we will be having our own workshop the same weekend so my mind will be other places 🙂

Bonsai Eejit

Europe’s Premier Bonsai Exhibition with be held this weekend, The Noelanders Trophy has become the standard for Europe’s bonsai.

Click on the image below for the Full Brochure.


I have yet to make it over for this sadly but plans are afoot for next year 🙂 I have, in years past made it to the old Ginkgo Award which was truly magnificent.

This year’s Noelanders in slightly different, NO PHOTOGRAPHY. Funnily enough, so was Ginkgo, indeed the camera police there were evident, making you check in your camera at the door!

I do appreciate the issues around this, and we all know that people take liberties, before you know it there is 6 tripods set up in the middle of the crowd blocking access! There is also a beautiful book produced each year showcasing the exhibits.

Xavier, over on posted about this very subject recently in this article linked…

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