February meeting

Munster Bonsai Club

We just want remind that next club meeting is going to be on Friday, 21/02/2014 at 8 pm in Blackrock National Hurling Club. All very welcome. Do not forgot bring some of yours trees for the critique and workshop.

We will see then.  

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Bonsai glossary of terms with photographs

Quite a comprehensive guide.


With 134 different words and phrases, photographs and helpful links for more information, this is the largest, most comprehensive glossary of Bonsai terms on the web…



A complimentary plant that is displayed next to a Bonsai – most often used when the Bonsai is on show or being formally exhibited. Accent plants can be a perennial, a grass or a small bamboo.

Air layeringAIR LAYERING

A technique used to create new Bonsai material from a mature tree. It allows us to extract thick branches from trees by removing a strip of the bark down to the tree’s cambium layer, brushing the wound with rooting hormone, wrapping it securely with ample damp sphagnum moss then covering securely with plastic sheeting or bubble wrap. The roots will begin to grow from the top of the cut, into the moss.


This classic Japanese volcanic Bonsai soil is ideal for most species…

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The Irish Storm That Never Ends

Batten down the Hatches. Yet another few weeks of storms, flooding and bad weather have passed and there seems to be no end to it. Today winds are expected to reach 160kmph. The Storm today has been reeking havoc all over the south. My neighbors wall just collapsed while i was writing this. Cork has been hit hard again today and If its not under water its been blown away. Here are some photos of Cork  and surrounding areas so far today. Photos taken from Facebook and twitter.


1506485_586417151440298_1490456408_n 1926629_740958699278444_944888804_n








Big Squamata Juniper

Well the juniper which was in my wifes parents house has been finally taken out of the ground. I had originally taken photos of where the tree was originally planted but cant seem to find them at the moment. What i do have are photos of the tree planted in its nice new soil.



Making new Drain holes




Need to wire tree in place




Tree in Pot Wired down from different angles









A closer look





Nice natural sharis everywhere










Natural little Jin





So thats my juniper, that will hopefully make quite a nice bunjin at some stage in the future. The plan is to allow it to survive hopefully in its new environment. I will leave it for a year or two and then look at some options then.



Bonsai NekNomination ?!

Bonsai Eejit

#changeonething #onlygoodthings

Most of you will have heard of the craze that is sweeping the world via Facebook.

NekNomination – which is known by various monikers and spellings in different regions – is a game in which a person is filmed downing their drink in one go, before nominating others to do the same on camera. Frequently, they nominate friends in other countries, which is how the fad has spread so quickly around the world.

This craze has resulted in many deaths two of which have been here in the UK and Ireland.


I teach young people about drugs and alcohol and how to stay safe, so as you would expect, this particular craze grabbed my attention. As I researched it further I came across some who were making a stand to turn a negative into a positive. This video shows one should person.

People like this are…

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Kokufu Bonsai Ten 2014

Yet another video from Bonsai Paparazzi on the Kokufu Ten 2014.


Continuum Trailer

Look forward to this

Northern Ireland Bonsai Society School

More Floods on the way

For all the lads in Cork, and even Munster batten down the hatches. Theres more bad weather coming and its only going to get worse. They were handing out sandbags in the city center today to business’s that will be affected by the flooding over night and tomorrow morning.



The winds were quite strong this evening, and this is a photo 3 hours before high tide tonight.


Even sea lions were enjoying the lovely weather over the past few days in Cork.


Hopefully it wont affect to many people and no one will get hurt. If it keeps going like this Cork could be the new Venice of Ireland. And dont forget, Tie them Bonsai Down.

Noelanders Trophy Winners HD

Well if you havent been keeping up to date with the photographs that have been coming out of Belgium the past few weeks, here is a video of the winning trees from the weekend. All in HD. Thank you Bonsai Paparazzi.