Bonsai glossary of terms with photographs

Quite a comprehensive guide.


With 134 different words and phrases, photographs and helpful links for more information, this is the largest, most comprehensive glossary of Bonsai terms on the web…



A complimentary plant that is displayed next to a Bonsai – most often used when the Bonsai is on show or being formally exhibited. Accent plants can be a perennial, a grass or a small bamboo.

Air layeringAIR LAYERING

A technique used to create new Bonsai material from a mature tree. It allows us to extract thick branches from trees by removing a strip of the bark down to the tree’s cambium layer, brushing the wound with rooting hormone, wrapping it securely with ample damp sphagnum moss then covering securely with plastic sheeting or bubble wrap. The roots will begin to grow from the top of the cut, into the moss.


This classic Japanese volcanic Bonsai soil is ideal for most species…

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