First Meeting, It’s Official!!

Leinster Bonsai Club

Welcome to the new Blogsite of the Leinster Bonsai Club, please give us a follow by signing up using the options on the sidebar to the left 🙂

You heard it here first folks. The first meeting of the Leinster Bonsai Club will be on Friday 27th June in Balbriggan Community Centre at 7.30pm. We have some members from the NI Bonsai Society coming down on the night to help us get the ball rolling and to offer advice and support regarding the club and also on our trees. If you have any trees, please bring a few along on the night for display and discussion.

If you have been waiting for a club in the greater Dublin area, then this is your chance to get involved right from the start. Please get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ Tab at the top so we can gauge interest. If you are…

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Bonsai Journey Part 5 Final

Part 5 and final to the Bonsai Journey series. Really enjoyed this series. Well done to Andrew Sellman for making them and sharing them with us. Great videos and yet more excuses to want to visit Japan, and Kyoto. Enjoy

Shiokai Kenji Pots – Kaohsiung Koha or Takao-koyo

interesting read about pots.

Sam & KJ's Suiseki Blog (水石)

Shiokai Kenji who lives in Kyoto, Japan began making pots in 1972.  There is a good bio of him on Ryan’s site that can be found here. We purchased one of Takao-koyo’s pots a good while back from Koju-en located in Kyoto.

Takao-koyo glazed pot. Takao-koyo glazed pot.

We placed a very nice exposed root maple over rock in this pot.  I always smile when I tell this story because almost everyone who saw the pot and then the tree said it will never work together.  Everyone’s attitude changed once the trident/rock was in the pot as it was a stunning combination.  It is clear that Shiokai Kenji has been influenced by Tofukuji by just looking at the glaze treatment.  This is the only one I have seen on Koju-en’s web site.  Ryan has several of them and I believe he would agree they are quite lovely.

Historical Pots

Heian Tofukuji (平安東福寺) Heian Tofukuji (平安東福寺)

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If you Build it, They will Come!

Best of Luck lads, cant wait to see how ye get on

Bonsai Eejit

Further developments for bonsai in Ireland, all good news 🙂

See here for details


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Plum Blossoms in Kyoto, Japan

Another great video by discover Nippon. Some beautiful trees and amazing shots of Kyoto. I have seen a few shots of Kyoto in the Bonsai Art of Japan series and must say it looks amazing. I always wanted to visit Japan especially when i was involved with modified cars. But my emphasis has changed from Japanese cars to Japanese culture, heritage and especially the art of bonsai. I am intrigued by it all. Mind you travelling around Osaka in an R34 GTR would still tickle my fancy 🙂

Anyway enjoy yet another great video from Discover Nippon.

In praise of colanders

Echizen Hosui 2, or, The Difference Between a Copy, and Homage, and a Forgery

Japanese Bonsai Pots Blog

Today we’ll take a second look at the work of Echizen Hosui, and take a look at the subtle difference between a Copy, a Forgery, and an Homage. For our first look at Hosui, you can look back here:
Echizen Hosui
Echizen Hosui was born Zenzo Yoshida in Fukui prefecture in 1936, and began making bonsai containers in 1974. It’s quite clear from his work that idolizes many of the greatest artists of Bonsai pottery, including Tofukuji, Yusen, and Aiso. Today we’re going to take a look at some containers that are marked as Hosui, and some that were made by Hosui, but marked as the work of Tofukuji. I don’t think these containers were meant to be forgeries, as enough clues were left for the discerning eye to distinguish them as copies. However, every pottery collector should be aware that such copies exist, and be able to distinguish between…

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Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 40

The latest video in the series which i love watching. Enjoy

March Club Meeting

Yet another month has passed, and another bonsai club meeting. We met in the usual place as we always do and had small enough numbers with 5. But all in all it didnt matter there was plenty of chat and craic about everything Bonsai.


We then had a talk about everyones trees individually against are great backdrop. Will have to get a proper one for the next meeting and some decent lighting. I hear blue is the colour to go with 🙂














Juniper X Pfitzeriana Progression

So this is a little juniper i picked up about three years ago in 2011. It was one of the first trees i bought with the intention of turning it into a bonsai. Probably not the greatest of material to start with, but said i better use it and learn on it while it is still alive. Anyway it has stayed alive over the past two years and was growing quite strongly. Here is a photo of it last year.


I had a look at this tree the other day and decided i better do something with it as i was quite sick of looking at the horizontal broom it had become. So I took it inside last week and began wiring it. I must say it filled the house with an amazing aroma, although i don’t think the missus was to happy. Here’s a photo of it at the meeting the other night March 2013`.


Will keep a close eye on it now as to when the wire will cut in, and may decide to give it a repot at the next club meeting.