How to make a virtual using paint for Windows

quite interesting, handy little tip to use

Bonsai advice

I make virtuals using normal Paint for Windows..

Step 1 Right click the picture> open with> paint
On the top menu : select > free form selection.
If you want to have several copies/versions of the tree, or before and after, select with rectangular selection and paste them next to each leaving enough space for branches…
First drug the corner of the picture to extend the white canvas so you have space where to paste the extra pictures.Then: Select> rectangular selection> select the picture> press Ctrl and drug the picture to a new place to make copy.
Like this

Next step is to delete all the foliage and branches you dont need. For that use free form selection and select suitable part of the background. You will use that small part of the back ground to delete everything you dont need.

you can see here the small part I selected…

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Flower and Lantern Road Festival

Another great video from Discover Nippon. It really makes me want to discover japan at some stage. Some amazing shots in this video. Enjoy


Munster Bonsai Club

Just want remind all that we will have next meeting on next Friday 21/03/2014 at 8 pm in the same place

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How to repot a young Japanese black pine (2 of 2)

How to repot a young Japanese black pine (1 of 2)

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Capital Bonsai

At the end of January I was extremely blessed to have traveled to Japan for a 3 week “apprentice” style learning experience with Mr. Tohru Suzuki at the historic Daiju-en bonsai nursery in Okazaki. This trip was timed to coincide with the 88th Kokufu-ten exhibition where I would have the opportunity to assist Mr. Suzuki and the Daiju-en family with getting their trees to and from Tokyo. Before I share that experience I wanted to highlight the trees of Daiju-en.

When you think of pine bonsai you think of Daijuen. As a 3rd generation bonsai nursery, Daijuen and its founder Saichi Suzuki are credited with developing the now universal technique of de-candling used for Japanese Black Pine bonsai as well as the fast growing Japanese White Pine cultivar ‘Zuisho’.


I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Suzuki about the story surrounding his grandfather’s discovery which resulted in what is now…

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