Choosing the Bon for the Sai

Stone Monkey Ceramics

It’s always a challenge when someone asks you to make a pot for their tree. Firstly there is choosing the right type an style of pot and then there is choosing to glaze or to remain unglazed. By and large glazed pots are used for deciduous trees and unglazed used for coniferous, there is always some slight deviation but this is pretty much the rule of thumb. Regarding the size of the pot, the depth should be approx the same width as the base of the tree (nebari) with the width of the pot just being smaller than the overall canopy size of the tree. However this all goes out of the window when the tree is semi or full cascade!

The next hurdle to navigate through, once all the above has been negotiated, is the customers tastes. The customer will have in mind what they want and the potter…

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