Facing it all…

This is an article wrote by Alan, i guy i used to radio and dj with in cork. I thought it was a very honest and brave piece that could give other young people dealing with issues like this hope. Definitely worth a read and like. Fell free to share also. Great read alan, hope you keep the blogging up. Its quite addictive kid.

Alan's world.

Welcome all,

My name is Alan and I’m here to tell you about my experience with severe acne as a teenager.

Right, I’m 15 and I’m doing the usual things a teenager would do;  drink 4 cans on a Friday night after school and generally mess about without getting into too much trouble,I never caused any harm. I was heavily involved with pirate radio stations in Cork throughout my teens. I’v been on them all. A ”radio whore” if you like, and never did the phrase ”a face for radio” become more relevant in my case.

My first experience with acne was the usual couple of red spots dashed about the chin and cheeks, pretty normal for a teenager so I thought. I had been asked to DJ on ”Kiss FM” which in Cork in 2007 was a big deal, lots of listenership and followers. At 15 I felt privileged…

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