Training the environment for your bonsai

Shohin Bonsai Europe - Morten Albek

The Shohin-bonsai and the garden sprouts with new growth and vigour. A mild winter, warm spring and promising early summer days  makes the season look better than ever. Weather has a huge impact on growing bonsai, big and small. It is not enough being good at techniques regarding wiring and cutting i.e. Watering at the right times depending on the needs of each individual tree is a daily task necessary to practise and learn over years. Sheltering trees properly in winter, make them grow better the following year. Placing the trees in a sheltered place during the growing season speeds up the successful growing of bonsai.


Aesthetically it is pleasing to have an area designed for bonsai that looks good. But as important is the location of the area. Is there semi-shade during the day so trees are not burned by the sun, and dried out too quickly during a…

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