Artist Profile: A Bonsai Prelude Exclusive Interview With Marco Invernizzi

very interesting interview. Great read. Thanks again

Bonsai Prelude

Marco_Invernizzi_critiques_a_Lenz_Pitch_PineSo to start out with, a “grazie mille!” to Marco for taking the time to answer a few of my questions and diligently run over a couple drafts to provide the most complete answers possible!

As I mentioned earlier, out of my own ignorance, narrowing my bonsai knowledge to the blog-space, Marco seemed to have slipped past my radar. When I met him at the Rendezvous a couple weekends back, I couldn’t help but think “damn, this guy knows whats up.” And after listening to his demonstrations and work shops all weekend I can see why he’s truly a gift to bonsai in the West (as well as the rest of the world). Having been through an apprentice-type learning environment myself (in the world of fine dining) I can’t help but respect his constant drive for self improvement. We could all learn a little bit from Marco, even…

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