Julay meeting night

Munster Bonsai Club

Last monday night we had our club monthly meeting.  Another lovely night. Here we have some pictures.

typical talk about bonsai

and new members Kieran taking his first step into bonsai

and his first tree. before and after

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Kitora no do

Bonsai no kage

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A short history of the Omiya bonsai nurseries

Suifu Sanjin

Saw this from a bonsai forum, Amazing pots.

Japanese Bonsai Pots Blog

Suifu Sanjin was born Masashi Usui(薄井正志) in Ibaraki in 1921, and passed away in 1994. He took the name Suifu as a suggestion of his hometown, and Sanjin is a reference to the literati of old. Only around 200 pieces exist, and the limited nature of production was discovered after his death. He made pots solely for his own use as a bonsai lover, from 1963 to 1967. His specialities include Iron Glaze(TetsuYu), Tenmoku Glaze, Tenmoku with fine oil droplets(Yuteki Tenmoku), and Buckwheat glaze(SobaYu), and forms vary from the rustic, hand formed, and asymmetrical, to more classical shapes. Due to the relative scarcity and popularity, prices are correspondingly very high. I’d say around 75% of the 100 or so I’ve seen are formerly of the renowned Takagi Collection.
Let’s take a look!

Two views of a hand formed and altered diamond shaped piece in Tenmoku glaze. Very characteristic of Sanjin’s…

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Mr Warren’s New Book

look forward to picking this one up

Bonsai Eejit

Peter Warren’s new book has hit the shelves of book stores, well, probably more accessible via Amazon’s virtual book store, but you get my meaning.

Mr Snart of Willowbog fame has displayed his copy nicely in a Tokonoma. Did he write any words of wisdom on the inside cover Peter? 😉

ScreenHunter_57 Jul. 02 09.18

Click the image below for a link to Amazon.

ScreenHunter_58 Jul. 02 09.20

If you’ve been sleeping in a cave for the last 10 years and don’t know who the author is, then this is for you.

Peter Warren is an internationally renowned bonsai artist based in London who spent six years training in the traditional manner as an apprentice to a Japanese bonsai master. Since completing his studies Peter has travelled far and wide teaching and working with bonsai collectors and enthusiasts across the globe on a mission to bring the best of Japanese bonsai to the rest of the world, and…

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Tree full of Jins

I have passed this tree many times on the way to a local nursery and have been meaning to take a photo of it for a while. While out yesterday with my son, i decided to pull in and get a shot of it. Looks like it was taken in the middle of winter not the start of July.


Noah Looking for Trees

So yesterday myself and the small man decided to go for a spin to our local nursery. He was delighted trying to grab all the shrubs and plants he could. Hes getting a great start. Next stop an apprenticeship in Japan and he can come back and teach me everything he knows 🙂

Here he is ready to get stuck in.



Checking out the Mugo Pines


In the Jungle


oh that looks tasty…..



And next to his favorites, the Japanese Maples