Suifu Sanjin

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Suifu Sanjin was born Masashi Usui(薄井正志) in Ibaraki in 1921, and passed away in 1994. He took the name Suifu as a suggestion of his hometown, and Sanjin is a reference to the literati of old. Only around 200 pieces exist, and the limited nature of production was discovered after his death. He made pots solely for his own use as a bonsai lover, from 1963 to 1967. His specialities include Iron Glaze(TetsuYu), Tenmoku Glaze, Tenmoku with fine oil droplets(Yuteki Tenmoku), and Buckwheat glaze(SobaYu), and forms vary from the rustic, hand formed, and asymmetrical, to more classical shapes. Due to the relative scarcity and popularity, prices are correspondingly very high. I’d say around 75% of the 100 or so I’ve seen are formerly of the renowned Takagi Collection.
Let’s take a look!

Two views of a hand formed and altered diamond shaped piece in Tenmoku glaze. Very characteristic of Sanjin’s…

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