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“Bill Jumps A Broad- Again”

Kora Dalager and I are back in Japan showing ten people the best of the Japanese bonsai world and the Taikan Bonsai Exhibition in Kyoto this coming weekend. We have tour members from California, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania New York, and Switzerland.


We had a beautiful, bright sunny day in the Tokyo area. Not a cloud in the sky which made photographing a bit difficult. BUT, it looks like I skipped town at the right time. When I left home, all my nursery stock, pre-bonsai and sales bonsai were put away for winter. Only 98 of my best trees were outside, and still are, even though Diane offered to move them in the garage. Buffalo, New York has received 50 inches of snow and are expecting ANOTHER 2-3 feet of snow now in the second wave of weather. It missed Rochester, this time, who know about…

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Club meeting 17/11/2014

Munster Bonsai Club

Here we are some pictures from last club meeting

critique and work on Ray’s Taxus

critique and work on Mark’s Trident maples grup

Kieran’s juniper after styling in September

Piotr’s cork bark elm before and after pruning

Lovely atmosphere as usually. Lots of chat and new idea exchange. See you next month lads.

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