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Koito Taizan was born Nagakura Saburo in 1911 and died in 1997. The Koito-yaki kiln was one of old kilns in Japan, and first opened in the Edo period, Kanei era(1624-1643). Before the war, Koito Taizan returned to his hometown after an apprenticeship in Seto, in order to establish himself as a potter, and reconstruct the kiln of his forefathers.

He asked Kyuzo Murata of Kyuka En in Omiya Village, his cousin, for assistance and guidance in reconstructing the Koito kiln, and completed the task in 1946. If you’re not familiar with the name, Murata was a famous bonsai artist, and Koito Taizan began making small bonsai containers commissioned by Kyukaen. In 1949 the first stage firing of 200 small bonsai pots was completed. The containers fascinated enthusiasts from the start with their whimsy and charming decorations. Shortly after winning the coveted Fine Arts Exhibition prize, Koito Taizan was forced…

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How to fill a tea bag with fertilizer


Looked like a great day. Love the venue ray. Well done lads

Bonsai Eejit

Well, perhaps not new beginnings as the Munster Bonsai Club will reach it’s 2nd birthday in a few months time, but our visit to Bunratty and Bud Garden Centre was certainly the start of something good. Ray, the co-owner of the Garden Centre is one of the original Club members and has been a keen supporter of all their efforts to drive bonsai forward in Munster. We suggested that Bud Garden Centre, newly opened in March, might be a good location for a workshop, helping to spread the club over the whole Province so at not to become Cork-centric. Ray embraced the idea and Saturday saw us deliver a successful workshop in Bunratty not just to the regulars, but also three new faces. Great to see Steven, Lottie and Harry joining in for the first time. It was a busy session with lots of trees and we also had the public…

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Bunratty 20/06/2015

Would have loved to been there. Hopefully make it to the next meeting.

Munster Bonsai Club

Another lovely day with Ian and Phil, in lovely spot – Bud garden center , just next door to Bunratty Castle.

Displaying and sallying area.

Some lovely materials for sale

and accents with lovely pots

and as usually we started with trees critique

and then all hands on deck, get to work!!

Sorry I have been too busy  so not many pictures. Even not pictures with trees after workshop 😦

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Watering with Noah

So with my job being quite demanding time wise and with the birth of the newest addition to our family Maria, I have found it difficult the past while to get into a proper routine with my trees. But yesterday my son and I decided to go and give my trees a bit of TLC. So when I went investigating some of the wire on one or two of the trees Noah decided to jump right in and grab the watering can.




After getting stuck in and getting more wet than the trees themselves we decided a smaller can would probably be more appropriate.


And there we have it, now my little man is looking after my trees when im at work. Now my wife will have to listen to the two of us wanting to water the trees. Well done small man.

Looking out for swelling on recently wired branches

Please support the Portland Bonsai Village

michael hagedorn


The Portland Bonsai Village has just launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for our new programs. If you don’t know about Indiegogo, it’s like the alternative, quirky version of Kickstarter. The Village has always been a grassroots endeavor, and today we’re seeking your support to grow our grassy shoots a wee bit higher.


We’re creating the first bonsai community outside of Japan where I live in Portland, Oregon to better share bonsai to the greater community, with programs that stretch from Village bonsai classes for serious aficionados, to a CO-OP offering bonsai products made here, to bringing bonsai into classrooms to nurture the seed of beauty and responsibility in youth. And this campaign is the beginning of that dream.

Here’s our short introductory video on the Indiegogo site, featuring Matt Reel, Bobby Curttright, and myself (which clearly proves that we’re not actors posing as bonsai artists):


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Expensive bonsai stolen from Pacific Bonsai Museum recovered – The Seattle Times‏


Valavanis Bonsai Blog


“Bill Jumps A Broad- Again”

Kora Dalager and I are back in Japan showing ten people the best of the Japanese bonsai world and the Taikan Bonsai Exhibition in Kyoto this coming weekend. We have tour members from California, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania New York, and Switzerland.


We had a beautiful, bright sunny day in the Tokyo area. Not a cloud in the sky which made photographing a bit difficult. BUT, it looks like I skipped town at the right time. When I left home, all my nursery stock, pre-bonsai and sales bonsai were put away for winter. Only 98 of my best trees were outside, and still are, even though Diane offered to move them in the garage. Buffalo, New York has received 50 inches of snow and are expecting ANOTHER 2-3 feet of snow now in the second wave of weather. It missed Rochester, this time, who know about…

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Club meeting 17/11/2014

Munster Bonsai Club

Here we are some pictures from last club meeting

critique and work on Ray’s Taxus

critique and work on Mark’s Trident maples grup

Kieran’s juniper after styling in September

Piotr’s cork bark elm before and after pruning

Lovely atmosphere as usually. Lots of chat and new idea exchange. See you next month lads.

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