A look in HD at the Omiya Bonsai Village

Second video I am posting tonight from Youtube channels which I am subscribed to. It has been so long since i have been online, due to me starting a new job nearly two months ago and since starting it I have just been up the walls. My feet are starting to touch the ground again as I have been just crazy busy. I have been slowly getting back online and actually getting to look at my trees besides the rush watering i have been doing the past few weeks. Hopefully will be getting some photos of my trees up over the next few days and updates.

Anyway here is the video, one which i am intrigued by, I have heard a lot of the Omiya Village, and really enjoyed this video, and the hd is a bonus. Anyway enjoy


Autumn Leaves in Nikko

Another great video displaying the amazing landscape of Japan by Discover Nippon, and yet another video encouraging me to make the next family holiday to japan. Someday it will come.

GSBF 37th Convention – Deciduous trees on exhibit

4th US National Bonsai Exhibition

Trees from over ten European countries registered for the show

Bonsai Europa 2017

IMG_9880The response for trees for the exhibition has been huge, I have contacted many artists, patrons and collectors to show their trees at Bonsai Europa 2015, we are over 75 trees and still 12 months before the show. I have commitments from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Hungary, Poland, Czech, Slovenia and Denmark. Many artists from across the UK have registered to have trees exhibited with many NEVER been seen before, the QUALITY of the trees will be VERY high. If you want to exhibit and have not been contacted by me personally yet please complete the form here and your trees will be considered for the show.

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More highlights from REBS’ 31st annual show

Upcoming event – workshop

Munster Bonsai Club

Upcoming event.

It looks like we will have Ian Young and Phil Donnelly on Saturday/Sunday workshop 13-14/09/2014.

All interested in,

please  contact me at 086 7705560 or twinsrat.bonsai@gmail.com

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BCI 2014-Gold Coast Australia – Short film

Bonsai Art of Japan episode 42