Photo of the Day

So this is my new project. I am going to try and upload a photo each day. I am going to try my best to go out and take a photo every day. But if this is an impossibility I will upload one I have taken earlier. This is going to be quite difficult for me to say the least. This will keep me dedicated and get camera in my hand as often as possible. Which in turn will hopefully develop my skills and help me to know my camera a lot better than i know it now

This is something I actually read in a photography magazine a few weeks ago and i thought i wouldn’t be able for that. Well even though i feel i have a busy schedule as it is now, its going to get a lot busier when the baby comes. But then I will have a new focus to take pictures of. Hope ye enjoy and I hope I can carry this out for the next 350 odd days.

Update, Ok so i did not manage to keep up a photo a day, due to the introduction of a new little person to our world, but i will share with you some of the photos i have gotten before and since the new arrival.

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