In this section I will be adding my progress on the projects I have. So far I have three Japanese Maples, all potensai. One which has been planted in the ground to allow the trunk to thicken and the others are still in pots. One has been defoliated earlier in the summer.

I have a nice little dwarf Hinoki Cypress which is also awaiting wiring and potting maybe next year. Will be looking for direction with this one maybe at a workshop at the Northern Ireland Bonsai Society or else at a local workshop which might get off the ground before re-potting time comes around in Cork.

I have a Himalayan Ceder which needs branch selection and allowed to grow freely afterwards. Discernment also needed in regard to this tree.

I have a little juniper which is still in its pot since i bought it. Also potensai. Went under major Pruning this year, so being allowed to recover and regain strength.

And i have a little Sageretia which i rescued from aldi recently. I has a nice shape to its trunk which is quite unusual with this sort of material, Also the minute i saw this i could see a silhouette instantaneously. Which is quite unusual for me. So had to take it from the clutches of death.

And last but not least i have a lovely Squamata Juniper which is at least 20 years old, ready to be dug up next spring. It should make an amazing literati Juniper.

Will have plenty of photos added soon, and progress.

Hope ye enjoy.

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