More Floods on the way

For all the lads in Cork, and even Munster batten down the hatches. Theres more bad weather coming and its only going to get worse. They were handing out sandbags in the city center today to business’s that will be affected by the flooding over night and tomorrow morning.



The winds were quite strong this evening, and this is a photo 3 hours before high tide tonight.


Even sea lions were enjoying the lovely weather over the past few days in Cork.


Hopefully it wont affect to many people and no one will get hurt. If it keeps going like this Cork could be the new Venice of Ireland. And dont forget, Tie them Bonsai Down.

Bad Weather for Bonsai

I had heard we were getting a bit of bad weather this evening but nothing to this extent. Over the past few hours pictures have emerged of the damage due to stormy conditions. I came home to find all my trees exactly where I left them. Not one turned over or fallen 🙂

So if you live in Ireland and have bonsai, make sure there secure and safe. And if you don’t just be careful. Here are some images today from Cork. Thankfully no one has been seriously injured.