4th US National Bonsai Exhibition

Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 41

An episode dedicated to watering bonsai. Probably the most important part of keeping your bonsai. It was a topic that I found the hardest to grasp when starting out but an absolutely vital one.

Fujikawa Bonsai Online

New website launched by the guys over in Fujikawa. After having watched all the Bonsai Art of Japan videos it gives you a sense of ease that what you order will be of top quality and sent with the up most care. The website itself is very easy to navigate. Well done and i look forward to making a purchase in the future 🙂

Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 40

The latest video in the series which i love watching. Enjoy

Continuum Trailer

Look forward to this

Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 39

A bit behind, but catching up again. Great video as always

The Bonsai Learning Center

Fujikawa Kouka-en 2013 DVD

So Bjorvala Bonsai Studio have come up with another cool idea outside of the Bonsai Art of Japan Series. This looks to be a good idea and a good DVD. You can check out the website for ordering details. Looks well worth the 3000 Yen.

Bonsai Art of Japan – Episode 38

I recently watched this and thought it was a really great episode from the bonsai art of japan series. I was going to wait and upload the next episode when it came out, but still waiting ;).

I said i would put it up as a link for other people who don’t know this series, but more than likely anyone who is into bonsai is subscribed to Bjorvala Bonsai Studio on youtube.

Enjoy if you haven’t seen this yet and especially if this is your first time watching any bonsai art of japan episodes. If you haven’t, clear up an evening and get dug in (pardon the pun) to this great series.