First Club Meeting Approaching Fast


Well the time for our first club meeting is fast approaching, and was long over due. There has been a lot of interest from all over the country and we have people travelling long distances to be with us. Just a reminder it is on this Friday night at 8.00pm in the Blackrock Hurling Club, Cork. Any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact me.

It will be a great night and dont forget to bring a tree with you. Roll on Friday 🙂

My new Little Bench

Ok so since i moved house , i had been struggling as to know where to put my little trees. Eventually a bench was made out of an old shed and old decking boards (thanks dad). Its just a nice size for what i have at the moment. Hopefully soon when i run out of space 🙂 i will be making a bench two tier around both walls. Will keep ye updated.

Anyway here is how its looking all on its on.


A close up of the top which were the old deck boards


And with my newly rescued sageretia from Aldi


Full House