A look in HD at the Omiya Bonsai Village

Second video I am posting tonight from Youtube channels which I am subscribed to. It has been so long since i have been online, due to me starting a new job nearly two months ago and since starting it I have just been up the walls. My feet are starting to touch the ground again as I have been just crazy busy. I have been slowly getting back online and actually getting to look at my trees besides the rush watering i have been doing the past few weeks. Hopefully will be getting some photos of my trees up over the next few days and updates.

Anyway here is the video, one which i am intrigued by, I have heard a lot of the Omiya Village, and really enjoyed this video, and the hd is a bonus. Anyway enjoy

New Bonsai Empire Video

Nice little video in HD, which is always nice when looking at bonsai. Enjoy

One Way Bonsai Pots Can Be Made

Found this article on bonsai Empire today. Thought it was quite interesting. It almost makes me want to try and make my own pots. And as always with things like this they look simple, but in real life its always an impossibility. But none the less, with practice comes progression. So you never know, someday Lyons Bonsai Pots could be world Famous 🙂

Enjoy the link well worth a read http://www.bonsaiempire.com/blog/making-bonsai-pots

Most Expensive Bonsai Tree

Came across this on Bonsai Empire recently. Its hard to put a price on bonsai but never thought this high of price tag would be put on one. From a few euros or dollars right up to this one which made headlines in Japan. For selling for over 1.3 million dollars. Check out the link below to have a look at the million dollar tree and some more expensive trees.


Heres a photo I found of the tree from a different link. The tree was sold at the Asia-Pacific Bonsai and Suiseki Convention & Exhibition for 100 million Yen. That,s a lot of zero’s.