Photo of the Day

Ring Ruins, Cork, Ireland


Photo of the Day

Clonakilty, Cork, Ireland


Bonsai Ireland Munster Club First Meeting


So the time has come for our first club meeting on Friday the 20th of September at 8pm in the Blackrock Hurling Club,Church Rd, Blackrock, Cork. So now that we have the time and Venue confirmed, all we need are Bonsai Enthusiasts. You are more than welcome to attend and bring a friend who may have interest in Bonsai. The aim of this Club is to have fun with bonsai, learn in a group setting and most importantly make a bonsai community in Cork.

For our first meeting we will get to know one an other and if each person would like to bring one tree with them just for discussion. It doesn’t need to be a 100 year old White Pine (If it is please bring it 🙂 ) If its a well developed or just material bought from a garden centre, please bring one tree if you can. It is just to discuss bonsai and go home with some new ideas for your tree.

It should be a good night discussing everything bonsai and hopefully the beginning of our own Bonsai Club. If you need directions don’t hesitate to contact me or Piotr. All details are above on the form.

Hope ye can make it and spread the word 🙂

Photo of the Day

Ring, County Cork, Ireland


Photo of the Day

If I leave the photos this late anymore they will be called Photo of the Night. Hope ye enjoy

Rape Seed, Mogeely, County Cork


Sunset at Ballycotton, County Cork

Just a few pictures i never got a chance to upload since the evening of taking photos of my wife and her bump. Sunset at Ballycotton, County Cork.

Hope ye like them.






Walk in the woods

These are some pictures taken in Ballyannan Woods, Midleton in County Cork. Me and a friend went their recently as we missed the opportunity to catch the blue bells last year. Hope ye enjoy


Some lovely Blue bells on display


Light breaking through the trees


Love this shot


Probably my favorite of the day


Nice path through blue bells and some lovely tall trees


Another nice little path, very lucky as the sun was just about to set


Another one of my Favorites


One more for the road.