Bonsai worth $100,000 Stolen

Bonsai has become a delicacy to thief’s over the past few years. I have seen many posts, blog updates and forums becoming a base of cries for help due to the rise in bonsai theft. Many people wont understand, I don’t even think I understand truly the dedication, time, and passion put into bonsai. This is not a hobby or some sort of way to pass time. This is a way of life for some people, dedicated to spreading the love of Bonsai to the greater community.

I have witnessed post after post asking for help to track down stolen bonsai. This is an article I came across today about a man in Honolulu who had an estimated $100,000 worth of bonsai stolen from his Farm last week. This is quite a high figure and a figure which means nothing to this man, but obviously did to the thief’s. The figure that concerns this man, is the figure of time , hours, weeks, months, years invested in these threes. To wake up some morning and discover them gone must be soul destroying.

Dragon Garden Bonsai spokesman Bobby Liew said the bonsai trees were taken from a fenced display area of the farm. The thieves apparently knew what they were taking. “They took the really, really good ones,” Liew said. Liew said his father, Walter Liew, 80, who owns the farm, regards the stolen miniature trees, known as bonsai in Japanese, as his “children.”

He said his father raised most of them from saplings and brought one of them, a 55-year-old miniature elm, to Hawaii when he emigrated from China in 1975.”It’s been with him for a long time,” Liew said.

“We’re trying to put the word out,” he said.

And again like so many times before the word is being put out for stolen bonsai. I know I am on the other side of the planet but I am willing to spread this story as it may encourage bonsai enthusiasts to implement anti theft devices to their collection, and to show bonsai are being stolen on a large scale.