Cherry Blossoms in Kitakami Tenshochi

Yet an other amazing video from Discover Nippon. I have been passing all the cherry blossoms around cork the past two weeks and have never taken as much notice as i have now. They are absolutely beautiful. Great video yet again. Enjoy


Bonsai Journey Part 5 Final

Part 5 and final to the Bonsai Journey series. Really enjoyed this series. Well done to Andrew Sellman for making them and sharing them with us. Great videos and yet more excuses to want to visit Japan, and Kyoto. Enjoy

Plum Blossoms in Kyoto, Japan

Another great video by discover Nippon. Some beautiful trees and amazing shots of Kyoto. I have seen a few shots of Kyoto in the Bonsai Art of Japan series and must say it looks amazing. I always wanted to visit Japan especially when i was involved with modified cars. But my emphasis has changed from Japanese cars to Japanese culture, heritage and especially the art of bonsai. I am intrigued by it all. Mind you travelling around Osaka in an R34 GTR would still tickle my fancy 🙂

Anyway enjoy yet another great video from Discover Nippon.

Flower and Lantern Road Festival

Another great video from Discover Nippon. It really makes me want to discover japan at some stage. Some amazing shots in this video. Enjoy

Autumn Colours in Kyoto

Yet another great film demonstrating the beauty of Kyoto in Autumn. Even at night time the trees are illuminated. Some day i will get to Kyoto. Roll on the euro millions 🙂