Study at New Bonsai Academy in Japan

I just came across an article wrote by Japan News about the Saitama city government who wish to open a school to teach bonsai for Japanese and foreigners. The world bonsai convention will be held in Saitama in 2017. Bonsai Masters from The Omiya Bonsai Village will be holding lectures and schools on bonsai over courses ranging from 1 week to 3 months in the academy.

This sounds amazing and would be great for people wishing to further their knowledge on bonsai without having to admit themselves to a full on bonsai apprenticeship.Getting to Japan at some stage would be good enough for me, but this would be the icing on the cake.

Here’s the link for further reading. Bonsai Academy

Asking for Trouble

This is a video I came across today. I thought it was incredible the man made it up the steps at all, with the waves crashing around him. To be honest I think its one of the most ridonkulous things I’ve seen in a while. Why you and I may ask, but only this gentleman has the answer. And what was the person taking the video thinking. I cant swim myself so when I see thinks like this it makes me wonder why people go in the water at all. I am quite safe on land thank you very much.

I hope this person was okay in the end. And no search or rescue had to risk there own lives for stupidity like this. If you cant swim and watch this video get out the arm bands as your gonna want to learn 😉