A look in HD at the Omiya Bonsai Village

Second video I am posting tonight from Youtube channels which I am subscribed to. It has been so long since i have been online, due to me starting a new job nearly two months ago and since starting it I have just been up the walls. My feet are starting to touch the ground again as I have been just crazy busy. I have been slowly getting back online and actually getting to look at my trees besides the rush watering i have been doing the past few weeks. Hopefully will be getting some photos of my trees up over the next few days and updates.

Anyway here is the video, one which i am intrigued by, I have heard a lot of the Omiya Village, and really enjoyed this video, and the hd is a bonus. Anyway enjoy

Autumn Leaves in Nikko

Another great video displaying the amazing landscape of Japan by Discover Nippon, and yet another video encouraging me to make the next family holiday to japan. Someday it will come.

4th US National Bonsai Exhibition

Bonsai Art of Japan episode 42

Japanese Black Pine : Part 2 and 3

Here are the other two videos from Bonsai Focus on needle reduction and care and maintenance.


Black Pine Repotting : Part 1

Bonsai Focus uploaded this video to Youtube, Its an old video, but good to watch a video by Toshinori Suzuki.

Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 41

An episode dedicated to watering bonsai. Probably the most important part of keeping your bonsai. It was a topic that I found the hardest to grasp when starting out but an absolutely vital one.

Fujikawa Bonsai Online

New website launched by the guys over in Fujikawa. After having watched all the Bonsai Art of Japan videos it gives you a sense of ease that what you order will be of top quality and sent with the up most care. The website itself is very easy to navigate. Well done and i look forward to making a purchase in the future 🙂

Cherry Blossoms in Kitakami Tenshochi

Yet an other amazing video from Discover Nippon. I have been passing all the cherry blossoms around cork the past two weeks and have never taken as much notice as i have now. They are absolutely beautiful. Great video yet again. Enjoy


Bonsai Journey Part 5 Final

Part 5 and final to the Bonsai Journey series. Really enjoyed this series. Well done to Andrew Sellman for making them and sharing them with us. Great videos and yet more excuses to want to visit Japan, and Kyoto. Enjoy