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Japanese Maple

Hi and welcome to my Blog. My name is Adam and i live in Cork City, Ireland. I suppose the reason i started a blog was to record my progress from a complete novice at bonsai to  hopefully more and to spread my love of bonsai to more people in Ireland and beyond. I thought it would be a good idea to help other beginners who have just been bitten by the bonsai bug to realize they not alone and that this blog may help them not make the same mistake i have made. Also to help people that have no club or society close to them. Especially if the closest is a 420km drive. Like my situation here in Cork.

We are currently in the process of initiating two clubs in Ireland, as their is a well established one already in Northern Ireland, we are trying to establish one in Dublin and one in Cork. We have been making progress and it looks like it will get off the ground this year. Hopefully when you are reading this, both clubs will be well established. The hope is to have at least two bases of knowledge and like minded people, who love bonsai to come and increase their knowledge of bonsai in Ireland and hopefully initiate more clubs across the country.

Hopefully you will be hearing a lot more about bonsai in Ireland. And i hope you enjoy the blog.

*Update August 2020 – So I have been away from bonsai for a number of years and I decided to revive the blog and finally get back to learning about bonsai. Since the above post we were successful in creating a bonsai club based in Cork, serving the Munster region in the South of Ireland. And it has grown from strength to strength. I am lookng forward to attending once again this month after a long absence. It also seems that there have been a number of other bonsai clubs set up also, One notably in Leinster. It has been amazing to see bonsai in Ireland get more popular or maybe just more noticeable with the increase of social media and people sharing their passion online. I hope, I too can contribute to this ever growing art in Ireland and share with you the journey.

I hope you enjoy the blog and hopefully the newly updated content.




14 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog

    • Thanks Paul, its about time to be honest, Ian can only do so much for the whole country 🙂 .All the weight was on Northern Ireland to promote a bonsai club for the last 15years, now its our turn to help. Hopefully we will have our first meeting on the 20th of September in Cork, and earlier i think in Dublin.


  1. Hi Adam, Great to see that a Cork club is getting off the ground. I’d love to take part. I’m based in Clare, been scratching around the edges of bonsai for a few years and ready to learn a bit from the more experienced among us. Let me know where, when etc and hopefully see ye in September.


    • Hi Ray, Great to hear from you. I am also looking to gain knowledge from the more experienced and thats exactly the point of this club. I will keep you updated through the blog as to when our first club meeting will be. It is provisionally set on the 20th of September. Look forward to meeting you then hopefully.


  2. Well done on the one year and hope all is well with your wife and the pregnancy. Must be getting excited. Just popped over to say thanks for coming and giving a like to my post “By the Seaside”. My wife loves bonsais but is too afraid she’ll murder them, having been known as the Harold Shipman of Gardening. MM 🌳


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